Building maintenance

Wall Cladding

On the 26th of September, a group of members met at the club at 9am to remove the wooden cladding from the walls. Much of the cladding was in a poor state, with rot and woodworm having attacked it over many decades. Needless to say, it didn’t put up too much resistance to our efforts to pull it off! All the cladding was off the wall and transported away by 10:30.

With the cladding removed, the extent of the needed floor repairs was easy to see. There is considerable rot around all the walls and the area in front of the fire escape on the east side has completely collapsed. A carpenter has been approved by the committee and will begin repairs on Friday 2nd October. The floor repairs needs to be completed before the walls can be plastered and all the work needs to be done before the new carpet tiles can be laid. It’s hard to know when the leagues will begin this season (due to Covid-19) but we’re hopeful that the work can be completed without too much disruption.

While the dust was settling (quite literally), Owen solved the problem of where to hang the triangles! The old light canopies provided a handy home for them but, since the new slimline LED lights were installed, they’ve been left on the floor under the bulk end of the tables. Now we have new hooks to hang them on.

Triangle hanger