Building maintenance

End of the first weekend

It’s late Sunday afternoon and the first weekend of work is complete. As the following pictures will hopefully show, the work was very much needed and even though it’s a considerably larger job than we originally anticipated, it had to be done before the new carpeting went down. Before running out of materials, Adam, the carpenter, got far enough around the room that there’s plenty of completed area for the wall and plastering work to begin next week.

For those who had noticed the springy area of floor in the middle of the table, all became clear when the floorboards were removed. One of the joists had broken in half and, in some distant repairs, a little wooden leg had been inserted to prop it up. Over the years, the bottom of the leg has been eaten away until it only touched the floor when it was stood on. The broken joist can be clearly seen at the top of the leg.

In some instances, the table legs fall perfectly between joists, so that all the weight bears on the floorboards. Next weekend we will try to push new joists under the tables, between the dwarf walls, to add extra support under the legs.

New armoured cables have been laid under the table so power is available if the club decide to install heaters.

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