Building maintenance

Carpet Removal

On the 22nd of August a team a volunteers set about pulling up the old carpet in the snooker hall. Nobody was sure how long it had been down for but, judging from the patches, repairs and general state of it, best estimates put at late 80’s or early 90’s. It had done pretty well considering the volume of footfall is concentrated around the tables.

Getting the carpet up was not easy! It had been glued down and tended to part company with the foam backing when it was pulled. This necessitated crawling around on hands and knees, armed with a scraper to try and get it up. In the end we prevailed and, generally speaking, the floorboards under it were it pretty good shape. There were some areas of concern, especially in the west end of the building where the floorboards had rotted away, exposing a few damaged joists underneath. The committee are now in the process of getting quotes for the repair of these areas. This will present an ideal opportunity to lay power cables under the tables for the later installation of heaters if desired.

The next planned activity is on the 26th September when a group of members are planning to strip out the wood paneling from around the sides of the hall. This will undoubtedly expose more issues that will need resolving before a new carpet is layed. If you’re available to help, please meet at the hall at 0900.

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